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Every relationship and marriage can benefit from couples’ therapy or counseling from time to time or on a more ongoing basis. Having a neutral third party to help you navigate life’s ups and downs and provide advice and support is healthy in any significant relationship. Here are three tips for selecting a marriage counselor to support your relationship.

Style and Perspective

The most important part of any therapeutic relationship is finding someone you can trust, find rapport with and who you identify as being helpful to you. Because we are all so unique, it can take some time and interviewing to find the ideal therapist or counselor to meet two different people’s needs. Spend time writing down questions you would want to ask a potential therapist or counselor and make sure you and your partner can go together to interview them.


Coordinating three people’s schedules can be difficult so make sure to look for marriage counseling Paramus NJ practices where there is a good match in open hours and schedules relative to your own work and personal schedules. See what options the counselor or therapist can offer in terms of days of the week, times of the day and even method of delivery. If you are both open to online or web-based therapy you may have more flexibility to schedule during the workday over a break for example.


While the fit of the counselor or therapist with the individual and/or couple is the most critical piece to effective partnership and change, the experience of the practitioner also matters. If you are looking at addressing a single issue that is lingering between you and your partner, experience may not matter as much compared to a couple that has been struggling for years and is on the brink of a separation or a divorce. If you have particular issues you are looking for help navigating, make sure to ask the practitioner about their philosophy, counseling methods and success in helping couples resolve their issues over time.

Going to couples counseling can be intimidating for many people, but finding a skilled and effective counselor or therapist can be critical to helping two people restore their relationship and find joy and pleasure from the marriage or relationship again.

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