Photo by Amin Safaripour on Unsplash

Do you have an old beater truck that you just can’t give up? Or maybe there is a new truck in your future. Either way, there is a certain type of love affair between a guy and his truck. Truck owners love to dress up their rigs with all the bells and whistles. Here are some ideas to make it the vehicle of your dreams.

Bed Liners

The bed of a pickup truck is as likely to host a tailgate party as to haul a load of firewood or moving boxes. Whether or not there are storage boxes or other accessories in the bed, sprayed-in bed liners are a form-fitting and rugged option that can increase the usability of your truck and decrease the worry about damage.

Seat Covers

If you carry a lot of rugged gear or have a dog or two that travel in the cab with you, then maybe you can appreciate the idea of using seat covers. This is also a good fix for damaged seats. You can find tailored covers in regular upholstery fabrics or your choice of novelty print covers to suit your personality.

Hub Cap Upgrade

Instead of the standard model hubcaps, opt for a jazzed up pair to spruce up the tires. You could choose from Chrome, matte black or even a platinum finish. This could improve the aftermarket value as well. Add some colored lights inside the rims for a bit of bling.


Mirrors not only serve to help keep your ride safer, but they also happen to look great on your vehicle. In addition to the standard side mirrors, you might get some good use from a low clearance convex mirror, or an extending towing mirror to aid with blind spots.

Whether you travel 50 miles a day or 500, there are things you can do to make it more useable and livable. Might as well face it, most truck lovers consider their vehicle their home away from home.

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