I take a stock of how my 2019 went. I can’t say it’s bad but I felt it was more of healing and acceptance but not much on self love and care. And that two will be few of the primary goals I have set for 2020.

2019 wasn’t that bad. There were really plenty of ups but significant downs too when it comes to dealing with a love one’s behavior. It was a roller coaster ride of various emotions and I was getting sick of it. I will put an end to that this 2020 because I had enough taking BS from people who doesn’t deserve my love, my friendship, and my trust.

I am excited for 2020. I think the tumultuous years that shaped me today made me stronger and more ready for the challenges ahead. More importantly, I have learned to value myself when people I thought would value me didn’t.

So I say, let 2020 come. It is going to be exciting! And the coming year, it is all about self-love without being narcissistic, more focus on good health and good living, saving for retirement and the rainy season, and more travels that feed my passion, and a stronger faith to help me get through the hurdles of 2020. Bring it on!

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