And so it began… We are now in autumn and the breeze is getting colder each day. Although it doesn’t get too cold in this part of the world where I live, I still have my share of experiencing the harsh winters of Europe. Much as winter is beautiful in its own ways, it also brings many dangers especially when you are not warm enough to brave the bitter cold.

It is very vital to keep yourself warm during winter time as the cold season brings many challenges. And here are simple and yet very effective ways to keep the cold out and stay warm and cozy.

Wear appropriate winter clothing

This is really a no-brainer. You need to dress up according to the weather. And when it is winter time, you need to wear thermal clothing to help keep yourself warm. Invest in a thick and well insulated jackets that can also repel water during snow time. You can also buy heated vest to add in your winter clothes investment to stay warm during the cold season.

Use winter accessories like knitted shawls/scarves, gloves, bonnets, ear muffs

Aside from keeping your body warm, you also need to ensure that your extremities that are more exposed to the elements are properly covered and warmed to prevent frost bite. Wearing winter accessories like gloves, bonnets, ear muffs, and knitted scarves or shawls help keep your whole body warm.

Wear layers

It pays to wear layers of clothing to stay warm. It is easy to keep the layers off when it gets a bit hot but more difficult to stay warm when you only have a layer of clothing on. You can buy thermal long sleeves to use as layers. You can also wear thermal leggings underneath your pants to add extra warmth to the biting cold. Cozy Winters have the a large selection of winter clothes and accessories for everyone.

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