I must have tried many arts and craft related hobbies in my life that I am beginning to think that I am a bona fide Hobby Hoarder. I try my hands on many crafty and artsy stuff but never really stick with anything except for blogging which I have been doing for the past 12 years.

I love to tinker. I just want to get my hands on arts and craft supplies and tinker on things. Sometimes, I make stuff. Sometimes, I draw stuff. Sometimes, I watercolour. Other times, I would get my hands on making trinkets. Then I would make handmade cards, or do lettering on the side. All my hobbies revolve around arts and craft. I think and feel, it’s where I am really good at.

Borrowing this photo from my homefamilyheart.com blog/I used to make handmade cards. I can still make some if someone will commission me to make one.

I don’t excel in sports. My hands and legs do not like to coordinate. But it is different when I dance. I love to dance which is another form of expressive art. I enjoy reading. I love going to museums. I love looking at colours and architectural designs. I am probably a Renaissance Woman of this century! Hahaha!

Currently working on wood crafts

Anyway, if there is anything that makes me excited is travelling AND arts and craft. No wonder I have dabbled in many arts and craft activities in the past and I still find myself trying new things like handling wood ornaments, and now, creating Christmas baubles. I love the fact that I would think things through with the designs, and how I would place embellishments, before I could start creating something. I love that I have to give my quality time to a certain stuff that I make. So each handmade card, or ornament, or anything I create using my craft supplies are all special because of the time, effort and affection I have put in each project.

If you ask me if I am a master of anything, I’d say no but I do excel in what I do. I just love doing these stuff! I wonder what I will do next…

And here’s a quick shout out of appreciation to my family and friends who really encourage me to do these things that I love. THANKS for believing in my talent when sometimes I doubt myself that I am never good enough. You all know who you are. Much love! Sincerest thanks!

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