If you have a pet, you know that your castle can sometimes be invaded by pests that hitch a ride on the coat of your beloved furry friend or present themselves as a gift from your best hairy pal. Once indoors, the ants, fleas, spiders, and other pests can quickly multiply and do significant damage inside your home. It is often difficult to find the pest unless you do a daily inspection of your pet, but there are ways to keep your home poison-free and yet prevent the attacking critters from embarking on a full-fledged invasion on your house. Here are four ways to keep your four-legged friends and home pest free.


Giving your pets the right vaccinations at the right time in their lives can keep them healthy and protect them from diseases, bacteria, pest bites, and viruses. Starting at six weeks of age, the shots and boosters begin and continue their entire lives. Rather than make appointments at a veterinary clinic for each vaccination for your pet, why not buy cat vaccines online from Vet Products Direct. You can also find dog, bird, and horse vaccines online, as well as pest preventative collars, bathing products, and powders.


Your first inclination after seeing a mosquito, snake, mouse, or flea on the floor may be to grab a chemical spray, insecticide, or poison trap. Before you do that, take a few minutes to learn about the lifecycle of the pest you are battling, their habits, food sources, and dislikes. The internet is a wealth of information about little critters, insects, and flying bugs. Once you have the information, take time to prepare for battle. The best course of action may be a flyswatter, a sticky hanging tape, or traps. Sometimes the battle may include chemical baths to fight fleas and ticks or calling in a pest control agent to get rid of snakes, bats, or squirrels your furry friend brought into your home as a present for you (and it wasn’t dead yet!)


If you want to fight a battle inside your home, your best defense is to remove all shelter, food, and water from the enemy. Take garbage cans out at night, sweep or vacuum floors of all possible crumbs, and store all human and pet foods in air-tight containers. If the invasion is from mice or cockroaches, get rid of all paper bags, magazines, and boxes they can use as nesting materials.


Often the most vexing pests are ants, ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas. Each has a different life cycle, and each is notorious for its ability to hide, multiply, and be generally annoying. If you are fighting ants, use cloves or cinnamon. Sprinkling the spice around the outside of your home with either spice can prevent more ants from entering and allow you to battle those inside more easily. If your fight is with mosquitoes, locate the source of their water supply and add a vinegar-dish soap mixture to prevent further growth. Fighting fleas and ticks can require a special yard spray or once-monthly-chemical application to the back of your pet. The vet can also supply once a month pills that prevent flea and tick attacks – but that doesn’t prevent the pests from trying to get inside your home.


Eliminating any of the pests listed above requires a dedication to the removal from the beginning of their lives until the end. For some, it is from egg to flying beasty; for others, it is from egg sack to creepy crawly. No matter what creature it is you find yourself fighting, remember to check your four-legged friend regularly. Pests love to find warm cozy carpets to secure a way indoors, and your pet is just that.

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