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Once you get past the initial shock and excitement that you are actually going to have a baby, you may not be sure what the next steps are. What exactly do you need to do to prepare for your new bundle of joy’s arrival? The list can get pretty extensive, but before you get too overwhelmed, here are a few things to get you started. 

Make a Birthing Plan

Although babies often make their own birthing plan, there are things you can do to help your delivery go as smoothly as possible. First, find a birthing center Tampa that you are comfortable with. These facilities typically offer tours, so check out a few options. You should also decide who you want to be in the room with you when the baby is born. Discussing this beforehand can help prevent an uncomfortable situation when you start laboring. 

Decide on Childcare

Whether you plan to stay-at-home with the baby or are opting for a childcare center, it is a good idea to decide ahead of time. If you are planning on putting your little one in daycare, you should try to choose one before he is born. These places often fill up fast, so start looking by your third trimester. 

Buy the Essentials

Babies need a lot of stuff. Make sure to buy bottles, diapers, wipes and all other essentials. If you are opting out of having a nursery, have a bassinet set up for when you bring your newborn home. You will also need to have a carseat to bring him home in. 

The good news is that you likely have quite a while to get all of this done. Don’t feel like you need to complete everything in the first trimester. Make a list of what needs to be done before the baby arrives and decide a time frame from when each item must be completed. This can take some of the stress off and allow you the opportunity to enjoy this exciting new adventure. 

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