Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

I have lost count on how long my creative dry spell has been. I just woke up one day now wanting to do any of the artsy things that made me so happy. It is like being in a different dimension. I am me but none of the things I have been passionate about make sense to me at all recently.

I have been watching plenty of YouTube tutorials and getting inspirations from Pinterest and IG to crank up that rusty creative nobs. Nothing. While I have enjoyed watching the tutorials, I can’t seem to pick up where I have left off.

Today, I gathered some of my rubber and clear stamps, and pigment inks. I rearranged some of the remaining paper flowers I have thinking, maybe if I touched some of my craft supplies, I’d have those creative memories back. To be honest, I did feel a bit energized but not yet that enthusiastic. But I pressed on. I just don’t want this to be tiring in the end because I may just ditch my arts and crafts if it become too much of a stretch – emotionally and mentally.

Doing arts and crafts also helped me get out of the slump. And I don’t want this to be more of an obligation than a passion that I love doing. I am thinking of starting small like making my own planner for 2020. That is a good start of cranking up the creative mojo. I want to make my own planner and design and fill it the way I want. That will help in the thinking process.

I am also thinking of creating some handicrafts that I can sell seasonally, like for the coming Christmas. I am not sure of what to do yet but I have some ideas.

I do pray that my creative juice comes back. I don’t mind if it comes back in trickles but I just want it back.

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