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I am not hiding my many health issues. Though I do not advertise them for the world to know but my family and friends know me too well that I have to really take good care of myself because I wasn’t born with the best of health.

I will not go into the nitty-gritty details of my health but just want to share another health scare I had last month which went on until yesterday when I went to my OB-GYNE for a check-up and pap smear.

It all started when I had a full abdomen scan ordered by my physician last month for one of my “organs.” The abdominal scan became an intra-vaginal ultrasound when my bladder wasn’t as full as I had claimed it to me. Honestly, I already felt nauseated and running to the loo after drinking more than a litre of water that day for my abdominal scan. So, I called the nurse to usher me in the ultrasound room so the doctor could begin the process. It was in the middle of the abdominal scan that the doctor suggested we continue using the other method to see my bladder better.

So, to cut the long story short, I had 2 ultrasounds done that day. I was praying nothing was wrong with me. It was an intense and worrisome week for me until I received my result and was called in by my physician. Well, “that organ” is ok so I need to just eat properly and choose healthier options. AND exercise too! BUT, here’s the surprising part – there is a mass in my uterus. Though, the doctor who did the ultrasound noted that the mass looked fibroid but further check with the OB-GYNE was highly recommended. And that was what my physician told me. He even asked if I was doing my regular pap-smears which I said NO. I never seen a male doctor reprimanding me about my reproductive health before and this was the first time my physician really told me to take care of myself, including my reproductive health. He asked me to check with an OB-GYNE the next possible step on how to address the mass in my uterus. And he also told me to really be serious with my weight loss and lifestyle change because I am a genetic lotto winner which I got from both my parents’ sides. And that is something I want to fight off. I want to be healthy. I have to.

It took me a month to go back to the doctor for the uterus check up. I am not scared of needles or operations. What I am afraid of is knowing what exactly is in my uterus? Is it benign? I hope so.

Well, the pap smear was done, and the OB confirmed there is a mass in my uterus. But she said it was benign and for the time being, we should leave it if it was not causing pain nor heavy flow. I don’t feel anything at all. That is why I didn’t know I already have it. She also suggested that I will be having annual ultrasound to check if it is growing or shrinking. I wasn’t given any hormonal pills as well as I am in the perimenopause stage. But the pap smear and the annual ultrasound must be done regularly.

So, the health scare is over – for now. I hope it doesn’t grow anymore or I may check with another OB-GYNE for second opinion. The only thing is, I am not feeling any pain there. All I know is, I suddenly got fat and that could be due to my metabolic resistance disorder and my sedentary lifestyle. Add to the fact that I may be hormonal too. I just want to be well. That is all.

I have just realized how important it is for women to give focus on their own body and health. Just because I wasn’t feeling anything in my lower abdomen area when I get my period, it doesn’t mean I don’t have to go through cervical tests and pap smear because they are preventative measures to know what is going on in “that” area. I have missed to do that for myself. I kept shrugging it off until that full abdomen ultrasound went to intra-vaginal ultrasound by chance showed something I didn’t expect.

I am going to learn from this lesson. My body is the temple of my soul. I should take care of it.

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