Photo by Sheri Hooley on Unsplash

Horse camp is one of the most popular camps out there. Are you thinking about sending your kids to learn how to ride, care for or train horses? Before you sign them up, look to see if your camp has these three things.

1. Horses, of Courses!

And not just any horses, but horses that have a lot of experience being around kids of all ages. Horses are big, strong animals and can be intimidating for little kids. Making sure the camp you are looking into has horses in a variety of sizes, who are gentle and calm is really important. You can always call a camp to inquire about the kinds of horses your child will be interacting with.

2. Jumps and Obstacles

One of the most fun parts of horse camp is the obstacle course! And while it’s not impossible to find obstacle course equipment like horse jumps for sale, some camps prefer to focus less on agility practice and more on technique and trail rides. Whatever you prefer, camps with horse jumps and agility courses can invite your child to step outside their comfort zone and try something new and fun!

3. All the Basic Tools

No horse camp would be complete without hoof picks, brushes, pitchforks and brooms. While riding is the main focus of many horse camps, it can also be beneficial to send your child to a camp that teaches the basics of horse care. Teaching kids how to properly brush a horse or clean out a stall builds character and gives them a sense of responsibility for the horses they’re spending time with. 

Horse camp is an amazing experience for animal-loving kids. It gives them the opportunity to learn how to ride as well as all the important things that go into caring for such incredible creatures. When you research camps in your area, making sure they have the right equipment and programming beforehand will make for an unforgettable week for your kiddos!

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