Reading is a vital skill for children to know but what book should your child be at a certain age? When should your child read bigger books with more meaning. Here are a few levels of children’s books and the age levels they represent.

Board and Picture Books

Board books are meant primarily for babies and toddlers while picture book are aimed for children in pre-k tampa to eight years old. Board books have a simple dialogue that infants can understand and pictures that are bright and colorful. Picture books have easy words for children to start sounding out and putting together. They also have detailed illustrations to catch a child’s eye.

First Chapter Books

Once a child begins to understand how to read, they can graduate to easy chapter books. Instead of a quick story, there is a bit more complex plot line and several more characters. There might be pictures but there will only be a few sketched in black and white.

Middle Grade Books

These books are meant for readers in the third through sixth grade. These books are a little more complex with a defined plot line and diverse characters. There will be challenges to overcome and a climax before the story comes to a close.

Tween Novels

A reader between seventh and ninth grade would enjoy these novels. The themes are now wide open and the trials the characters, who are typically the same age as the reader, go through can be difficult. The language is more complicated than the levels before it.

Young Adult Novels

These types of books are meant for readers in the ninth through twelfth grade. There are novels across all genres in this category. The plot will delve into the full range of human emotion and will be quick. The language is complex like an adult novel but foul words are not allowed.

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