Participating in social, athletic, cultural or academic activities outside of the classroom will not only keep children out of trouble, but also help them boost their self-esteem, make new friends, and even improve applications for college and jobs. If your child is having difficulty uncovering the type of pastime that he will enjoy, consider a few options to steer him in the right direction.

Build on Existing Traits

Although your child may resist spending his free time on extracurricular activities, he might find the idea of doing more of what he loves appealing. If he often takes care of the family dog, for instance, encourage him to walk the neighborhood canines or volunteer at a local animal shelter. Children who are typically argumentative might enjoy joining the debate team or student government. Others that show an interest in their family ties and upbringing might appreciate clubs that focus on culture and diversity.

Learn New Skills

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If your child is unsure of which activities will help her demonstrate expertise, consider classes or a personal instructor to help her discover new talents. Even if your child has never played a tune, for example, music lessons Boston may help her uncover a flair for playing the piano or violin. Martial arts programs, organized sports teams, cooking clubs or painting courses can all help your youngster discover a new pastime.

Assist Others

Teach your child valuable life lessons such as charity and empathy by encouraging him to help out in the community. Local food banks, libraries, senior citizen centers, national parks and museums often rely on volunteers to accomplish everyday tasks. Kids can not only meet diverse people and learn the value of hard work, but also make new friends and gain valuable employment experience.

Helping your child discover an activity to enjoy after school may seem like an arduous task, but it’s well worth it. An extracurricular activity will not only encourage him to develop new interests, but also improve his confidence and prospects for the future. 

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