Deciding where you should send your child to preschool and kindergarten can be a difficult choice for many parents. Montessori schools have been teaching the Montessori Method in private schools for decades. Here are some key details to know about Montessori Schools.

Teacher Guidance

Unlike a traditional classroom, Montessori teachers guide the learning versus instructing. Students focus on one concept or skill at a time through various activities until it is mastered. With self-correcting tasks, the child learns from their own mistakes without intervention from the teacher. The child focuses on what they want to learn. The teachers at private schools in Redmond WA are rigorously trained to identify the abilities and interests of your child. Those skills help the teacher encourage the child to learn and grow.

Welcoming Environment

The welcoming environment of the Montessori classroom encourages cooperative play, curiosity, cleanliness and learning. Children-sized furniture fills the room providing comfortable seating areas and tables with activities within reach of the child. Group and individual work happen throughout the day on the child’s schedule. The variety of skills learned in the classroom transition easily to home helping the child be more independent and curious in both environments.

Empowering Curriculum

Early childhood curriculum focuses on developing essential developmental skills including gross motor skills, fine motor skills and independence. As the child moves into kindergarten, they become leaders in the classroom. The curriculum changes to incorporate critical thinking, leadership, collaboration and independence while they help teach their peers. Students learn to navigate their world through their five senses. They learn about different cultures throughout the world and within their own communities. Math skills focus on identification, matching, division, addition, multiplication, place value, subtraction and patterns. They develop their vocabulary, reading and writing skills by sounding out letters, using a pencil, combining sounds and building sentences.

The skills learned throughout the Montessori education help students learn, assess and grow throughout their early years. These skills are invaluable beyond the classroom and into their future.

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