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Most people know that they’ve forgotten to clean their gutters, even they don’t admit it to themselves. Some aspects of home maintenance are easy to see and hard to forget, but others go forgotten until it’s too late. Expensive repairs or the slow nibble of inefficiency await homeowners who neglect these easy-to-overlook home maintenance concerns:

Chimney Cleaning

If you have a fireplace, you have a chimney, and if you have a chimney, it needs to be cleaned. Animals, bird nests, and leaf litter are all potential problems that need to be dealt with, but creosote buildup can be downright dangerous. Chimney fires are no laughing matter, so be sure to look for chimney cleaning in MD or your state to find a professional to take on this important but often overlooked job.

A/C System Care

It’s easy to forget to look after your AC system in winter, just like it’s easy to forget to care for your heating in summer. But the last thing you want is to go too long without changing your AC filters, or forget to have your heating system serviced until it’s too late. Keeping on top of maintenance now can help you save energy and money. 

Water Heater Flushing

The water heater is another thing you don’t think about until it’s not working. Regularly flushing your water heating system can prevent buildups of sediment in your pipes and keep your system efficient. Flushing your water heater is something to plan for, as it will mean turning off your hot water for a while. But it’s better by far to go without hot water for an hour when you’ve planned for it, then to not have hot water on a morning when you need it. 

Costs and Benefits

It’s all a matter of cost versus benefit. These little tasks may seem inconvenient and unimportant now, but if you ignore them too many times in a row, you will pay for it later in emergency maintenance and expensive repairs.

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