As the saying goes, “the rain falls on the just and unjust alike.” There’s a feeling in our general culture that bad things only happen to bad people, and that anyone who is suffering must have brought their suffering upon themselves.

Scripture teaches us, however, that adversity can come to any of us at any time. Overcoming adversity can be valuable to us, however, as dealing with a tough situation really can make us stronger and wiser. The story of Job is an example of how one man survived adversity only to become stronger and more fortunate in the end. Job had to learn patience and strength in order to overcome the many challenges and misfortunes that came his way, but in the end, God rewarded him with wealth and love and happiness. How can we find the patience of Job, though?

Staying Strong

Anyone who practices a Christian ethic will have the tools needed to survive adversity with grace. God teaches us to be thankful for the events that happen in our lives, regardless of how difficult life may be. By practicing gratitude continually, the fact is that almost any situation will improve. We can take on an attitude that difficult situations exist to teach us, and that attitude alone can make it much easier to find the patience and strength that is called upon to get through a tough time. Gratitude helps us avoid negative thinking patterns, and by staying positive, we can find that negative situations can turn around in surprising ways.

Being Grateful

An “attitude of gratitude” teaches us on a daily and hourly basis that we should be thankful for all that we have, no matter what it is. We can be grateful for the sun and the flowers and the fact that we are alive and thinking, whatever our situation. Yes, life can be very challenging at times, but by staying continually grateful, we will be able to walk with God in a state of grace.

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