You’ve probably noticed the difference between laundry machines for business and your washer/dryer at home. Perhaps you’ve even sighed with longing, wishing that you had a heavy-duty washer and dryer at home to handle your endless supply of laundry.

If so, there’s good news for you: under the right conditions, it may be feasible to install the types of commercial laundry machines used in laundromats, hotels, schools, etc. right in your own home, and doing so can offer you a number of advantages if you have the volume of laundry required to justify the purchase and the money to afford it.

Meet the Minimum Requirements

Before you get too excited about purchasing commercial laundry equipment for your home, you need to understand that the requirements to run a commercial washer or dryer are different from the requirements for domestic versions. Your home may require upgrades before it can handle commercial laundry machines, and that will add to the overall cost. You’ll need natural gas to your laundry room to run the dryer, and you’ll also need adequate power (208 to 230 volts), an adequate water supply, and an adequate drain.

Consider the Pros and Cons

The major downside to buying a commercial washer and dryer is that they cost considerably more than domestic laundry machines. However, commercial machines are built to run longer and stand up to more use, requiring less maintenance over time, so if you are constantly running your household machines to keep up with the laundry, commercial machines may be worth the investment. Commercial machines can also handle your household laundry more efficiently because of cycle options and wash types that are not available on domestic machines. Commercial washers and dryers also tend to be made out of sturdier steel.

Other Situations That Might Require a Commercial Washer/Dryer

Your household laundry may not be sufficient to justify the cost of commercial laundry machines, but if you run a business out of your home, like a daycare or a hair salon, the purchase may make more sense. If you use your laundry machines for business, you may also be able to deduct the costs of purchase, operation, and maintenance from your taxes.

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