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Motherhood is not an easy journey. While it is filled with rewarding experiences, it isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s an opportunity for a woman to learn how to become more selfless, giving and nurturing. At the beginning of the journey, a woman doesn’t get much sleep at all. During the first few months, it can be really difficult to adjust to the lack of sleep. In order to change and improve this experience for a new mother, there are tons of ways you can show up as a friend. Consider the following ways you can become an incredible friend to a new mother.

1. Bring gifts
You can depend on the fact that most new mothers will always welcome wipes, diapers and formula at any time. Those are easy gifts to consider. If you’d like to prepare a gift basket before the baby is born, you can opt for some beautiful gender neutral baby gifts. It’s also really considerate to get a gift for the mother. She’s doing so much to pour into this baby. Pick out a beautiful piece of jewelry to commemorate the day she gave birth. Give her an Amazon gift card to use at her leisure.

2. Offer services
If she’s comfortable enough with you in her home to do certain tasks, offer to do the laundry, cook or clean. If she needs you to run a few errands, that can be a huge help. You can also purchase pre-made meals for the family to enjoy for a full week. It’s also possible to hire a professional to take care of the laundry or the cleaning. When these major chores are finished, this gives both parents the room they need to focus on their family.

3. Be there to listen
In the beginning of the motherhood journey, a woman is dealing with all sorts of emotions. She doesn’t have the luxury of sleep as she once did. Her hormones are all over the place. If you can create a safe space for her to cry, vent and release any pent-up emotions, do so without judgement. Sometimes, a woman just needs someone to listen to her frustrations as a sounding board.

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