I haven’t been checking my blogs for a month because I got ill. What I thought was just a normal flu because of the weather changes was very wrong. Hubby and I had made plans for Valentine’s Day and to celebrate our daughter’s birthday by having lunch somewhere. However, if luck would have it, the bad flu bug decided to bite me on Valentine’s Day. It’s just like Cupid aiming for his arrow to my heart, only this time it wasn’t cupid… It was Influenza.

I cannot recall the last time I had it. Perhaps when I was still a wee lamb. Back then, I remember the super achy joints, blood shot eyes, high fever, lethargic feeling, uneasiness, croupy cough and stuffy nose. I remembered being away from school for 2 weeks because I had to recuperate at home and I couldn’t pass the bug to other people.

Getting Influenza at my age is a different matter. I wasn’t sure what was going on with me. I was practically knocked out, in bed the whole time, sleeping, complaining of super body aches, headache, high fever, bad cough, bad colds, clammy hands, shivers, and maybe a thousand more stuff that I didn’t understand happening to me all at the same time. So, I braved the streets of Al Qusais and went to the nearest clinic because I couldn’t stand the feeling. And that was just 3 days after Valentine’s Day.

Well, I didn’t expect to be taken swab tests and blood sample for a routine check up for a flu. I said, ok, let’s go with it, doctor’s orders.  And when I got home, the nurse on called me back urgently to see the doctor as the lab results came.

It’s awful that the Influenza strain is getting stronger and weirder by the season. I still couldn’t believe how I got it and from whom. I was just up and about on Valentine’s Day morning, then started to have very itchy throat by mid-day, and by afternoon, I had a fever was already complaining of a fever developing and super achy joints.

Fast forward to now. That was pushing a month ago. In few days, it will be a full month when I started coughing, have stuffy nose, and having fever. Fever and body aches are gone but I am still coughing like there’s a boll weevil walking up and down my throat. But hey, at least I am slowly recuperating and starting to get energetic. I also completed a week without calling sick! Yey! There goes my sick leave credits and it’s only the third month of the year. Arggh!

So, I am back to drinking my Vitamin C everyday and also filling myself with water and clean, fresh foods to gain my appetite back.  I will definitely have an Influenza shot before the Fall season ends this year. I definitely don’t want another bout with the terrible flu bug.


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