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I have a head full of curly locks that I don’t need a curler to show how curly they are. They just fall like loose springs on my head. Do I love them? Sometimes. And there are also times when I just wish my hair is as straight as a bamboo!

I often wear my hair in a bun to hide the curls because I don’t have the time to prepare my hair for a nice hairdo everyday for work. I would love to straighten it out but I have a big fear on putting chemical on my hair, let alone, that same chemical touching my scalp. So, it is easier and convenient for me to just let my hair dry and then tie it up on a bun every single day.


I have been checking the net for an inspiration on how to update my hairstyle without having to hide my curly hair. I want to embrace my natural curly hair without going through any major hair style update or treatment. Then I saw some of these wigs and suddenly have an idea of maybe I can try wearing wigs for a change just to update my hairstyle and look. Why not?

These wigs looks amazing and they are curly too! I am gravitating towards this particular wig. It’s like my hair but mine is not as voluminous as this xpression hair wig from It’s so gorgeous that I want to wear something like that to make my hair fuller and at the same time, update my hair style without having to spend a ton for styling products. The site has tons of selections too! Maybe I want a straight haired wig next time for a different look.



And this one is also a good wig to try. What do you think?


There are more styles of wigs that caught my attention. I am suddenly thinking about how nice my curls are because I didn’t have to do anything about it, just wear my hair with pride I suppose. And maybe try some wigs for a change.

What’s your natural hair style?


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