Becoming a mom is like taking a crash-course in organization, especially if you weren’t paying attention to it before. Very quickly, you learn to delegate tasks and the gentle art of time management. You learn to stretch minutes into hours and use every single moment of the day. But if you still feel like you are struggling with time – you’re not alone. Many moms do, and here are the time-saving tips they swear by:

Meal prep

Making a week’s worth of food in advance might seem like a huge task, but it actually only takes a few hours of uninterrupted work. So, chose a day when someone can take care of the little one and give you a few hours off and prepare everything. You can cook and then freeze the meals, so that you can simply reheat when you’re about to eat, or if you prefer freshly cooked food, you can chop, marinate and season everything, so that the only thing left to do is to put it all in a pan and let it cook. If you are making your own baby food, make it in bulk and freeze it.

Use technology

There are so many inventions that we can use to make our lives a little bit easier and save us some time. Start off with a good robotic vacuum cleaner. It will take the pressure of daily vacuuming off your shoulders and you will be at peace knowing that your house is clean. You can also use a slow cooker, which will cook perfectly tender food during the day, requiring you to simply dump in the ingredients, stir and turn it on. Thirdly, you can use an audio activated home device to coordinate your home hands-free while you are busy doing something else.

Free your hands

A mixture of motherly instincts, fear and their needs can make it really hard to put our baby down, and we simply want them by our side as often as possible. But being productive with a baby in your hands is not exactly an easy task, and this is where baby wraps come into play. They allow you to bond with your baby while keeping both hands free for doing anything you need. It’s often easier than taking a stroller or a baby carrier with you everywhere you go, and you will feel a lot closer to your child, because they are right by your chest. Make sure that the wrap is soft and comfortable for both you and your baby.

Have a schedule

If we don’t know exactly what we need to do and when, we can easily get lost in our tasks and forget about something important. You should have a family schedule, which should be somewhere visible and contain all the kids’ individual activities as well as family time. For yourself, you can either choose to go old-school and have a day planner or a bullet journal, or you can get an app on your phone that will synchronize all of your calendars and send you reminders for important events.

Prepare for tomorrow


Take the moments before you go to sleep to go over the upcoming day in your head. Think of all the errands you need to run and the places you need to go. Taking this time will let you develop a strategy, but it will also be a quiet moment of meditation, where you are not doing anything actively, but simply preparing. If you prefer to also have a visual aid, you can use this time to write down all the tasks for tomorrow in your planner.

Most importantly, remember to relax and enjoy life. Take it one day at a time and enjoy all the little moments, so you can not only be a well-organized mom, but a confident, relaxed one as well. And don’t forget to take a day off just for yourself every now and then!


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