If your child needs some time off to decide what they would like to do next, or simply more time to prepare for their future career, working on their skills or learning something new might be the best way to spend their gap year. It doesn’t have to be all work; they can use the gap year to travel, meet new people, learn a new language, or just relax from all the studying. However, landing a great job is not easy, so it’s important for your child to use the gap year wisely and improve themselves as much as they can. Thus, here are a few ideas about making the most of the time available and increasing your kid’s chances of a successful future.


They can work on their skills

The gap year can be used to gain new skills or improve the ones they already have. It will give them something to add to their resume, which will surely help them stand out from the crowd. When it comes to the skills they can gain, these can be anything – painting, playing an instrument, learning a new language, etc. Knowing more than one language is especially useful, since there’s no field of work that doesn’t appreciate such knowledge. Also, you never know, your child might discover a new passion and decide to turn it into a career they will definitely enjoy.


They can use the time to get some work experience


They can use the gap year to find a job and earn some extra cash. It will help them become more independent and responsible, and it will teach them how to organise their time and finances. It is a great way to learn how to work in a team as well, which is always valuable to know since many employers require their employees to be team players. Earning some money by themselves can be quite fulfilling on its own, but it can also help them save up for whatever they need regardless of whether it is a new car, bike, computer or the continuation of their studies. In terms of their future career, having some work experience shows that they are motivated, driven, and responsible – and what employer doesn’t appreciate that?


They can volunteer

Similar to getting a job, volunteering can also help your kid get some valuable work experience and improve their work-related skills. Plus, being a volunteer shows their compassion and desire to change the world, which can mean a lot if they are planning on working with people or animals in the future. Volunteering can even be done abroad if your child feels a bit more adventurous and wants to learn about different cultures. Not to mention that putting themselves outside their comfort zone is great for gaining independence as well as confidence. It will also look good on their resume because it shows that they are capable of assimilating and adapting to unknown situations. All in all, it would surely be a life-changing experience for your kid.

They can think about their goals


Sometimes, kids don’t really know what they want, or they want too many things and can’t decide on just one. Taking the time off to unwind, forget about studying and regain their energy might help them clear their mind so they can make the right decision. You don’t want your child to end up doing something they don’t enjoy, so don’t pressure them too much – let them rest and have some fun if they feel like they need that. They can sign up for some of the amazing schoolies in 2018 and have the time of their life; the schoolies are filled with numerous entertaining activities, and they might even make some great friends.


They can meet new people


All of the above-mentioned suggestions can help them meet new people, and you never know which of those people will make a difference in your kid’s life. They might make friends for life, loving relationships, or valuable connections that can land them a better job in the future. They can learn something from everybody they meet, so socialising, seeing things from different perspectives and being in contact with different cultures can help your child decide which path in life they want to follow.


Working and studying is not all there is to life – it’s only a means of reaching the goal, which is being happy with who one is and what one has achieved. So, help your child use their time wisely and watch them grow into a confident person who knows what they want to do in life.


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