Looking back, I can still remember my school days when I really enjoyed my history lessons. My classmates and I looked forward to every history lessons because the history teacher made the history lessons very interesting. She didn’t refer to any text books and the history lessons were like story telling time. If you ask most students about their history lessons, many will say that it is boring but it was never a boring lesson to us. Somehow, the historic events came alive as she relate them to us. Most of us scored “A” for our history lessons and we appreciated the way this history teacher taught us.

In this modern age of technology, learning apps are made available to students anywhere who are interested to learn about anything that is offered through their electronic devices. If you choose to learn history or any other subjects using one of these apps, you will benefit from the many spell-binding lectures by excellent professors. Students can learn at their own pace with no rigid schedules. These learning apps allow students to learn while exercising, commuting, or while relaxing in their own room or on the couch. There is no need for the students to attend classroom lessons with other students at fix times. This is a relaxed way of learning with no homework, no tests and no pressure.

There are many learning apps that students can download from the Google Play store. If you are overwhelmed by the countless learning apps available, you can start off with The Great Courses Plus and sign up for free trail. If you are using an iPhone, you can pick up the best iTunes learning app by downloading the app for free. You can use the free trial period to access whether this learning app is what you are looking for or whether you will need to look for another app after the free trial period ended.



Through The Great Courses Plus online learning subscription, students have access to more than 8,000 educational videos taught by experts and students can learn everything about anything, from anywhere, with the world’s greatest professors as their instructors. Besides history, there are science, health & wellness, professional development, and many other subjects offered.

Students can also download any of the Google Play homework apps to automatically receive homework from their teachers. It is a tool for teachers to communicate with their students concerning homework assignments, notifications and other important messages through their smartphone. All these is especially useful for students who are unable to attend classes, either they are sick or for some emergency reasons.

If you are interested for more details concerning the learning apps, you can check out thegreatcoursesplus.com or any of the learning apps websites.


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