It is safe to say that not all hotels are created equal and the range of services and amenities you can expect along with the standard of welcome you experience can all vary greatly.

That is why it pays to search out a hotel that gives you everything you are looking for and can quickly become a family favorite when you have such a great time and leave with a satisfied smile on your face.

Here are some pointers on how to narrow down that search and come up with an accommodation option that manages to meet all your requirements and more.


Filtering strategies

Most of us have a budget in mind for our hotel stay and the obvious starting point is to carry out a search on a few online comparison travel sites so that you can eliminate the ones that aren’t in your desired price bracket.

It is not a good idea to be too strict with the criteria, as you may find that by going direct with your booking to choices like African Pride South African Hotels by Marriott could unlock a discount that makes all the difference if there is a deal on or an incentive scheme.

There might also be some hotels in the lowest price bracket that are worth a second look as they might be better than the price suggests and simply be offering a decent discount rate at the time.


Amenities are next on the list

Price is obviously an important consideration but there’s no point securing a decent rate on a hotel that doesn’t offer you any of the amenities that you and your family are looking for.

If you are traveling with kids a pool is often high on the list and definitely preferable so that you have an easy entertainment option available without having to leave the hotel.

Other options that are often important include Wi-Fi and good parking if you are arriving by car. Write down a list of all the key ingredients you are looking for and then see if you can filter your choices down by checking the boxes that matter.


Somewhere to eat

Another important part of making sure you get what you want from your hotel stay is to make sure that there are the right dining options available for your needs.

Again, if you are staying at a hotel with kids you want to know that the menu and range of eating options are suitable for them. You can often go out for dinner if you are in a popular city or busy area but you don’t always want to do that if you are trying to get young ones to bed.

Check what the dining hours and options are and what food is on the menu, so that you have an idea of prices and whether there will be the sort of food choices that the children will appreciate.

If you get all these key points covered with your hotel choice it is a good start to improving your prospects of having a great time and an enjoyable stay.



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