I am glad to leave 2016 behind. A lot of painful stuff happened to my family last year and my faith and resolve had been tested as early as the first quarter of 2016. I hoped and prayed for improvement but my situation had gotten worse towards the last quarter of 2016. However, I am not a quitter. So, I am welcoming 2017 with open arms and heart because I could use a break right now.

I lost my mum and fur baby in a span of few days last February 2016. Then few weeks after my mum’s passing, my aunt passed away. And another aunt joined our Creator last November. There’s just too many painful stuff this heart of mine could handle. But I am hanging on.

My career has plateaued too. It was last year when I actually accepted (with open heart, mind, and soul) the fact that I would never get the promotion I deserved. I let that dream go and I had never felt so free doing so.

My blogging activities slowed down too during the 2nd half of 2016. I hope it will pick up this time. I haven’t been earning as much as I used to but I know there’s a silver lining. This happened before and my blogs always pick up the pace towards the 2nd quarter. And I pray it happens soon. I could use some extra right now to help with the savings.

Relationships weren’t as smooth as I wanted it. Family relations were tested and as much as most of the issues had been resolved, I hope the trust and love would remain.

I prayed for plenty of beautiful promises to unfold to me this 2017 because I know I deserve the good things. It’s time to move towards healing. Welcome 2017!

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