I’ve been very busy with work and other stuff so I didn’t pay much attention to this mommy blog of mine. I’ve been down with a flu too for several days and was in bed for most part. So, I guess, I’m still recuperating but have to prepare for tomorrow’s regular work and the start of the week.

There’s no updates here yet. I’ve just collating all my artwork and still doing my online Photoshop course which I still haven’t completed as of this writing. I’m just several modules away from finishing the course so I can get my hands on the more serious things of realizing my creative biz.

Anyway, just thought of filling this page up for a while even if there’s no significant updates happening. But, I will be sharing few of the watercolor “card toppers” I have created the past few days. I have decided to go handmade cards again this year as I missed to order my personalized holiday cards for 2016 which I should have been mailing by now. So yeah, my days are dragging. I guess, 2016 has just not been very good to me, personally and in all levels.

Ciao for now…

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