Say what again? Did I actually have a typo over there? No, you read it correctly. It is Movember! It is the month of men’s health awareness to be brought into light and take center stage just like how women have their special month of October to highlight the fight against Breast Cancer and other health issues.

Movember is actually an annual event encouraging men of all ages (as long as you can grow moustache, perhaps) to grow mustaches for a month to show their support to the movement that highlights men’s health. Any contribution brought about by this movement is donated to organizations that highlights the issues surrounding men’s health, more specifically, the prostrate cancer.

Mo is taken from moustache and the Vember form November.

There’s also the Moscars where men are encouraged to submit their entries for their grown moustache and there are rules and set criteria to follow to be eligible.

To know more about this movement, you can click on this site:

Register and be a part of this global cause.

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