Few winks and it’s going to be Halloween! It’s going to be all about funny, funky, colourful, unique, and flashy costumes out there, in parties, corporate events, family gatherings, and many more. But what if your Halloween party is a 60’s themed event? That won’t be too hard, right?

The 1960’s is the year of shift dresses, pillbox hats, and  fancy suits. It’s not really hard to dress up for a 1960’s theme because you don’t have to scour the whole “for rent clothing store” for old clothes nor ransack your mum’s or grandmum’s stashed closet. A mini dress, a clunky heels or high boots can do the trick.

You can check the web for more ideas for what to wear for the 1960’s theme or check this link for some inspiration.



(Photo from StyleWe.com)



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If your collection does not include any shift dresses or mini dress to spice up your 60’s mood, then head on to StyleWe and choose form their many selections!

You can also check out their social media for more info:

Twitter https://twitter.com/stylewe



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