A lot of you may be tight on the budget right now but the passion for music is very much burning. How do you cope with the cost of buying a new or even a well-maintained second hand musical instrument without breaking the bank?

There are many places where you can buy your affordable musical instrument. You can check any of these to get a bargain deal.


Yes, the world wide web is like an ocean. With its vast scope, it is teeming with plenty of music instrument online stores to cater to your musical needs. You can check plenty of sites offering brand new, old stocks, and even second hand musical instruments that are within your budget.


Flea market

I love flea markets! You’ll be surprised to find something rare and fancy at the same time and all at the fraction of the cost of the original item. Many musical instruments are being sold in the flea market. Some may be old and rusty, others are new and unused. Just check the instrument thoroughly for any cracks or loose stuff hanging around. Try to bring sanitized or anti-bacterial towels to wipe any wind instruments before you even try, just for hygienic purposes. Haggle reasonably.


Garage sales

Just like flea markets, garage sales are nice place to check for any unused, second hand or even new musical instruments that are just waiting for their new owners. Be careful though and check any signs of wear and tear or loose components on the musical instrument before committing to purchase. Try to haggle too!


Classified ads and lists

Check your local newspaper’s ads and see if there are owners parting with their musical instruments and make a call to check the item. Make sure you take your family or friends along with you when you meet up or visit the place to check the instruments.



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