Whoa! I didn’t realise that I haven’t written anything here for several weeks now. I just got a bit busy here and there and have been focused on my other blogs. I have also been busy planning for my Euro trip with my colleague so I missed to update this blog of mine.

There’s plenty of ideas occupying my head at the moment and it’s really taking much of my time. Not that they are of dire priority. I am just a bit focused on many things that I am getting nowhere. This is multi-tasking in utter failure. Lol!

Anyway, here I am, checking my packed luggage for a few days in Budapest, Hungary. I guess I need to unwind and recharge. I have a very cluttered mind at the moment. It’s as if all the folders, sub folder and sub-sub folders in my head are open. So, I need to take a break from the hustle and bustle. I wish it’s longer too but my I don’t have enough leave credit so I have to be practical too.

Well, I pray my friend and I will enjoy this trip and hopefully too, I get to re-focus on what’s essential in my life.

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