I stumbled across an article about a monitoring app called xnspy.com that elaborated on the features and uses of the app. The article went on explaining how a call and text monitoring app can be an ideal tool to track someone and get a glimpse of their lives. I found the article quite engaging and it got me wondering: ‘Why would anyone want to monitor someone?’ Before reading the article I always thought of spying someone as something negative; the word spying itself made me think of stalkers, crazy partners or something done on a higher level like the government invading the privacy of its people. But after reading that article, I got to learn a positive side of this practice. I realized that monitoring someone doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing, in fact if used with right intentions it can be an extremely useful way to make sure your loved ones are safe and secure.

So after I had read that article, I went on doing some research on my own. The more I read, the more I learnt about the various features and advantages of a tracking software. First of all, I must say, I am amazed at how far the technology has come. This one app, that is affordable and easy to install, has so many features and it basically gives you access to the phones and tabs of the person you are tracking. Let me share with you some of the things I learnt about a monitoring app.


The features of a tracking app:



First let’s talk about the features: basically a tracking app lets you read the text messages, IM Chats, view contacts and call logs, browse through pictures and multimedia files, view internet browsing history and track location of a person through GPS tracking. Now ideally speaking these features are enough to keep an eye on someone. It tells you they are in touch with and their current location. But if you think about it, they only provide half the information. What about the conversations happening on messenger apps like Whatsapp or viber and how about information being shared on social media sites like Facebook? That is why, the features of a tracking app don’t stop there; in fact the latest version of the software includes features that leave no end uncovered. There is a feature in XNSPY that allows you to watchlist words and contacts. This means that you can mark certain words on the device and if they appear on it you’re immediately informed. Also, if you specify certain contacts from the contact list and the person you’re tracking gets in touch with them you are sent a notification. Not only can you watchlist words and contacts, but can also specify certain locations so that whenever the person enters those areas you are alerted.

As I said, tracking calls and text messages is not enough to monitor someone effectively; that is why the latest version of the tracking software also lets you screen the chats and calls on messenger apps and allows you to block them as well. A tracking app also allows you to remotely lock the phone and erase its data, something that is extremely beneficial in case a phone is lost or stolen. One feature of the app that really blew my mind away was the surround recording. It lets you record the sounds that are surrounding the target device. Which means that you can pick up conversations and the background noise can give you more info about the whereabouts of the person.


Installing the app:


Downloading the app is also very easy. Once you purchase the app, the company sends you an online link for downloading which you are supposed to open in the target device. Once you download it, you are given a username and password for a personal control panel that you can open in your cellphone or computer. This control panel is from where you control and monitor the target device. The app runs secretly and the person you are tracking does not get a hint about what is going on.

As a parent, I considered it as an ideal tool for parents to make sure that their kids are safe and not in the wrong hands. But, as I read more about a tracking app I got to know that it can be used by employers to keep a check on their employees’ behavior and spouses to ensure the safety of their partners. I must say that I’m really impressed and would love to use a tracking and text monitoring app myself to monitor my children.

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