I have failed to change my daughter’s mind to “not” take summer class, rather, spend her time here in Dubai with us. I mean, it’s not bad to ask for something I think and feel will benefit the well-being of our daughter. However, she had other plans – she’s rushing to graduate on time.

I tried hard to convince her that it’s okay if she doesn’t graduate on time. What matters most is that she’d get good grades and that she’d enjoy school because of lately, I feel she’s more stressed than having fun and yet, she still enrolled for the gruelling summer class.

Then I saw this…


(Photo credit: from FB, kudos to the owner of this photo quote)


I felt this message was very appropriate to her and to the younger generation who are rushing to get somewhere they shouldn’t be yet – in the corporate bondage. While there is nothing wrong with working, there is a time for that.

I have posted this in my FB wall in the hopes that my daughter reads it and will internalise as well. And for the younger folks to chill a bit.

I have told our daughter this many times. No one is rushing her to finish on time, albeit it would be nice to graduate on schedule. It is NOT mandatory and no one is pushing her to do so.

I finished a term late because of my thesis but I wasn’t disappointed. Heck, I even bummed around for another half-year; enjoying my freedom from collegiate studies, just savouring the moment of not having to attend class from then on.

And this is what I have to say to all you millennials, “kids, enjoy your pace.” Life’s too short. It moves too fast and with a blink of an eye, you’ll find yourself in the corporate world and wish you were back in school. I hope you become the “boss” or be an entrepreneur to create jobs for others. Wherever your future takes you, just enjoy the journey – term projects, exams, and all!

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