One of the most common tips I get asked about is traveling with a toddler. In particular, taking a toddler on a vacation. Many new parents hear horror stories and worry that they can’t have a relaxing vacation until their toddler grows up. From experience, I know that taking a vacation with a toddler can be a positive experience, and they love seeing new things. The trick is to be prepared. I’ve put together my top three tips to help you enjoy a family vacation with a toddler.

It All Starts With a List

Traveling can be exhausting, and when a toddler gets exhausted, they want their comfort items. Teddy bears, blankets, you name it. The most common nightmare stories I hear could have been solved if the right comfort item was on hand. For one month before my last vacation, I made a list of all of the toys and comfort items my toddler asked for (or cried when it wasn’t available). When I was packing our family’s bags, I used the list to make sure I didn’t forget any.

Choose the Right Vacation

Before I had my little one, I never actually planned my holiday further than a flight and a hotel. When I became a Mom, I needed to change that. I learned that if my little one knew there was adventure ahead, they became excited instead of agitated. If you are new to planning ahead, look at the Groupon Coupons page for Great Value Vacations and find an ‘all inclusive’ package. Every time my toddler started to become tired at the end of the day; I reminded them of what else we had in store for the vacation.

Plan Your Down Time

During your vacation, there are going to be instances where there isn’t much happening. Times like traveling to and between destinations, or just resting for the night before sleep. During these times, entertainment is going to be your best friend. Before you leave the house, load your phone or your tablet with movies or educational games which can keep a little one’s mind occupied and off the idea of just waiting around.

Remember that if you bring movies and games, be sure that your toddler doesn’t just watch and play all vacation. Be clear that your phone/tablet is only available between activities.

Taking a family vacation is a great way to bond and enjoy a much-needed adventure. Instead of dreading the idea, take these tips in mind and enjoy!

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