We planned for a grand debut for our daughter but ended up having a simple, yet fun and truly close-knit celebration of her 18th birthday last February. My hubby and I decided, upon the wish of our celebrant, to follow what she wanted but include small things to make the celebration extra special and memorable. And what better way to capture those happy faces and memories was to install a photo booth in the corner. And we know how Filipinos love posing for selfies or in front of the camera.

We found a decent priced photo booth operator. I cannot share the details here because I didn’t book them. Anyway, I love crafts and I enjoy making my own stuff so I added my own props using what leftovers I have from my card making days.

I took templates from the internet and mind you, the web is teeming with freebies. You can download or print if you want. I have a paper cutting machine so I had a nice, precise cut on the shapes that I love.

What you need:

Cutting files if you are using electronic paper cutting machine
Long barbecue skewer or stick as handle
Coloured and even pattered cardstock
Printer if you want to print and cut
Scissors if you are going to cut by hand
Glue (I used  Scotch Tape Multi Purpose Adhesive Spray)
Some spare ribbons or fabric for added embellishments
Some flat-back gems for blings
Some buttons for added embellishments

Samples of my DIY photo booth props



Here are my models (nephews and nieces who happily tried my photo booth props) and the props I have made. I will be putting the links of the resources so you can download them for free. Please give credit to the designers when you download their templates.




Free downloadable templates:

From Kensie Kate

From Something Turquoise 


And if want to buy the cutting files if you have a paper cutting machine like Silhouette or Cricut,  you can buy from Designs on Cloud 9


Of course, there are more sites that offer free printable and downloadable files for your photo booth props. Some are also giving our free cutting files for your type of paper cutting machine. So, feel free to use their resources.


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