I don’t like it when people always stereotype an “introvert” person as not being flexible enough to meet the demands of having to socialise.  I do acknowledge the fact that it does take a lot of effort on my part to attend parties, meet new people, go out, join clubs and organisations, and even attend team-building. I am a good team player but there are teams that are worthy to be with and not. A long as I can choose and be happy with my choices, I would rather refrain from attending or doing any of those, if I were to be true to myself.

I felt really slighted when someone highlighted the fact that if one is “not flexible” then that is not a fit for management. It wasn’t said verbatim as I have written here but the context was that. Does being an introvert mean I am unable to do a job even if it was meant to deal with people? Being an introvert limits me to a certain extent of having too much stimuli in my life. Meeting people or being around people I usually despise is one of them. And just because I prefer to deal with certain people on a certain degree and level, does not make me an incompetent person, both personally and professionally. Is the world meant to be for extroverts only? I do thrive in my uniqueness and I don’t bother people with that. But to be questioned and placed in a “box” of what would be successful at work and in life by being extrovert or at least flexible is really vexatious!


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There is a reason why I do not apply for managerial and marketing roles because I don’t want to straighten ruffled feathers nor want to force people to buy things or acquire services I am offering. I work best in research, strategic planning, working behind the scenes, creative work and any job that will not involve shepherding my flock. And you don’t have to point out to me that even those jobs need to deal with people. I know that.  Even introverts deal with different types of people because we can do that as well. So, do not limit my capacity for being introvert to not becoming successful because I can.

An introvert person can also be flexible when the needs arise. And as an introvert, I can vouch for that. I always rise up to the challenge and when a situation calls for me to go outside my comfort zone, I do so even if it means I have to trample on what’s realistic for me. I can play the part of an extrovert person just like an extrovert lives his life. But can an extrovert enjoy the simple happiness an introvert person feels? You answer that.

Next time you take a swipe on introvert people, you have to understand how heightened our senses are and we get stimulated quite fast just by being with other people, hearing loud music, walking on unchartered territories, or braving the unknown. So please, do not tell me that if I am not flexible then it won’t be good for management and success in life. It’s like telling me that dogs bark but don’t bite.

Introvert people are also flexible. We are not recluse. That is a different story. We just enjoy the simple things in life. We don’t like parties. We don’t like noise. We love to think by ourselves. We prefer to work at the background. We hate attention. We love reading books. We enjoy being with a small group. We prefer to sit at the back. We love to listen. We despise dealing with trivial stuff.  And we also have activities that we enjoy to do just like extrovert people do. That’s how we roll…


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