I miss my mum. I miss her terribly. It has been 40 days since she passed away. She still hasn’t visited me in my dreams. Although, there are times when she makes her presence felt and known through the scent of the flowers she had during her funeral wake, those are the moments I feel she’s close by.

I scheduled a mass for mum today. I also cooked pansit. It is part of our customs and traditions to offer mass and cook something for our dearly departed. My mum loved pansit, so I made an effort to cook her one of her favourites.

I think of mum (and Millie) every day, and every moment. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that they are both gone. There’s still a tiny voice in my head that says mum is just on a long vacation, she’s just resting. I do know that that voice is so wrong. My mum is gone. She’s not coming back.

I know, I don’t have to say what I have in my heart and mind. My mum surely knows them already. I know she knows how much we all love and miss her.

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