February has been a very difficult and challenging month for me and my family. It was supposed to be a merry month since we were celebrating my daughter’s 18th birthday. However, that moment and feeling of happiness were both shattered when we found out that mum was admitted to the hospital and was put in the ICU. She never recovered.

My beloved mum passed away last February 22, 2016. My husband and I managed to return to Dubai because I was praying for a miracle and hoping too that when I visit again soon, she would be fine and alive. But God has better plans for my mum. He said, it was time to go and end the pain and suffering. My mum breathed her last past 9pm. She was 67. We flew back to Manila on February 24.

We laid our mum to her final resting place last February 28. She is now laid to rest in the same place as my dad’s for them to be together for the last time. Seeing her off was very painful but I have to let her go. The least I can do is to honour her and remember the good times.

I have to thank my friends and relatives for being there for us in our difficult time. Everything happened fast and unexpected but they were there to cheer us up and make us all feel that we would never be left alone.

It still has not sunk in my head that my mum is gone. I still remember her funny habits, the way she cracks us up with her weird jokes, the way she tells stories of her childhood and past, and how she makes us feels so special in our own ways. I miss her a lot now. I wish I can hold her one more time and probably longer but knowing she is in a better place makes me feel calm.


It is difficult to say good bye. I know we will be together again. For now, I pray she is in the company of our dearly departed and is watching over us.

I love you Mum. I terribly miss you.  I know we will see each other again. Please pray for us in heaven.



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