Valentine’s Day has been overrated and commercialised. I seriously don’t believe in making Valentine’s Day exclusive to all those who are already taken, in love or will be in a relationship. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a day for love and I would like to interpret that as universal love, the love that is present to all beings whether you are human, an animal, or nature; no exclusivity, just love in its purest form.

It is nice to see that people find time to show their love to their special someone during this day. However, my question is, why can’t everyday be Valentine’s Day, right? Just show you care for somebody regardless of the time of the year. This is the very reason why some single folks out there are being ostracised during  love day. Business folks have made Valentine’s Day so commercialised and intended for couples. It shouldn’t be.

So, I am sharing this Valentine’s Day greeting for all the single folks out there because it can an awful time for some. No matter what your state is right now on Valentine’s Day, just enjoy like it’s one of those usual days that has to go by. I remember not celebrating Valentine’s Day even when I was dating my boyfriend (who is now my husband). I appreciate the effort he had to put in to take me out for a romantic date but I was okay even if we didn’t celebrate. Valentine’s Day is for everyone, that is what I always believe in.

This greeting is for all of you single folks, those who are mending a broken heart, those who have no date, those who are still young to date, those who prefer not to date and those who just don’t give a rat’s bum. Happy Valentine’s Day and be thankful that it is just another day being blessed.

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