I’m a bit relieved that the planned “formal debut” party has been changed to a dinner/get-together of sorts because that is what the birthday girl is asking for. Money wise, it saved us a chunk and the logistics required to pull a formal debutante’s ball has been lessened to mere coordination with souvenir suppliers and venue.

I have been busy these past few days tying up loose ends in the planning. Well, practically, everything is already set. I’ve made the e-invites and sent them out to close family and friends of my daughter. I have prepared the souvenirs for her close friends and other guests. There’s actually 2 kinds of souvenirs. I will just post them when the party is over. My daughter’s dress is just a simple cocktail dress we bought sometime back but never really worn. The venue has been paid (I think). My husband is in charge of the finances so I’m not sure about the venue but all in all, everything is taken cared of. W’ere just waiting for February so my hubby and I can board the plane and head home.

I have been thinking if my daughter really wanted a small gathering or she’s just being considerate of all the expenses we have in the family. Whatever the case is for her change of mind (and heart), I hope it’s nothing because she wants to sacrifice the “money” part just so we don’t worry much on the finances.

At any rate, the birthday will be simple but I want her to enjoy and have fun with her close pals. It’s nothing like the grand ballroom type of debut we initially planned for her. But if she’s happy with a small event to commemorate her “being introduced to the society as an adult” then her wish is our command.

We’ll definitely make up for it on her graduation. I have already set the plan and will save up for that. I even told my husband that we’ll throw our daughter a grand “congratulatory ball” to celebrate the completion of her studies then we will travel the US and Europe for a month. I am planning to go on leave without pay to make that happen. So, I practically have (barely) 2 years to save for that! 😉 Bring it on!

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