We’re very busy these days finalising the debut party of our daughter. Well, plans have changed big time. Instead of having a grand debut celebration, we ended up downsizing and opt for a buffet dinner with close family and friends only. It is my daughter’s wish anyway and as parents,  we will be more than happy to oblige.

I have always dreamt of seeing my daughter celebrate her own debut with matching formal cotillon just as I did when I turned 18. But I guess, her happiness means more than my dreams for her so even if my heart years for a formal celebration, giving her what she wants since it’s her big day anyway is our paramount concern.

So, the debut is a simple dinner buffet in one of the famous restaurants in Manila. We reserved a big function room for the event to ensure that we all get our privacy. My daughter is a private person. She prefers having a close-knit celebration only. Her wish is our command.

Everything we need to reserve and pay for has been taken cared of. We are just waiting for the big day to come. Busy days ahead indeed!

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