My daughter and I have always been fond of polymer clay. We’ve been making clay art for sometime. I started buying my princess Sculpey clay when she was 7. It was then that she created her first clay art sets and I joined her during her creative “playtime.”

My daughter shifted to drawing and animation and since then, I’ve kept the Sculpey clays in our art box. It was until recent that I opened the art box once again and decided to get my hands on the polymer clay we enjoyed to play with when my daughter was younger.

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Clay Art


I have been very busy over the weekend. I’m a bit rusty because it’s been years since I last moulded a clay. I have been watching tutorials lately and find it interesting to start all over again.

So, this weekend, I dived into the clay art magic once again. Here are stuff I have made this weekend.


The gnome houses are not more than 3 inches tall. They’re so cute! I will make more.


These are small gnome houses. I like whimsical stuff so it’s not a surprise that I would make some. I found inspiration from the many polymer clay arts featured in Pinterest. The pictures I saw were very cute and making some for myself is such a wonderful achievement. Like I mentioned earlier, I’m a bit rusty. I need to pick up some tips on how to make swirls, combine colours, and add textures. For now, I’m sticking with the simplest form of making polymer clay art.


This “hot chocolate” paper clip topper was actually the first one I have made 2 weeks ago. I was just testing the very old supplies that I have. So far, it’s still “kneadable” but it takes a while to activate the clay again. Patience, patience, patience and then I have my hot chocolate paper clip topper.


I love Totoro. It’s my favourite characters in all of Studio Ghibli’s creations. I made this small pendant. It is so difficult to do because I have stubby fingers. I kept squishing Totoro’s head. I didn’t bake this one because I didn’t make enough clay art to bake with it. It would just waste gas in the over. 🙂


I have made other stuff and I will feature them next time. I promise to make more, especially the miniature food. I want to make chibi dolls too of famous cartoon characters. I guess that would be later as I learn the art of making them.

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