“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” I love that Christmas song.  It always remind me of my Christmases back home. However, Christmas is now celebrated either in Manila or in Dubai so this year it is here in Dubai and with my daughter coming over for the festive occasion.



You can tell, my family loves Christmas whether we have money to spare for lavish gifts or just enough to uphold the tradition of having our family by our side. Our excitement for the fond merriments of Christmas is quit evident at home now. Hubby and I decided to put up the Christmas tree. I would say, this time it is way too early. We usually put it up around November or at least, after the Halloween.



This year’s theme is pink, purple, some tint of gold and silver. I decorated it this time. Let’s just say, I want to impress my hubby and daughter for the artistry.  I feel it is still not as “abundantly decorated” as I would like it to be but then again, “less is more” was playing on my head while decorating the Christmas tree.



(Too much pink, don’t you think?)



(I’m trying to have that native look.)


This year, we do not have much as we have had before. Money is scarce. I’m not getting much paid tasks for the past few months. No one has bought my products in Etsy yet and there is no overtime to add income in the coffer. However, I look forward to celebrate the most festive season of all because it’s not the money, the lavish gifts, the food and drinks that we have most Christmases but it’s the family love that binds us together that makes me look forward to celebrate Christmas this year and the years to come.

Also, Christmas is all about family and the whole reason why we celebrate it – Christ. Let’s not forget that.

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