I’ve been spending most of my weekends watching tutorials in YouTube of how to use Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I have finally succumbed to the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for my daughter to use. And while my daughter will perfect her skills in AI and PS, I will learn on the sideline by watching tutorials.

Adobe has a single user policy so I can’t use my daughter’s account.  I created a separate one and downloaded their trial version of AI for a month. Although the features of AI in the trial version is not complete as compared to the paid one, it is a good start for me to get my bearings in learning graphic design, understanding vectors, line art, digitizing my doodles, and so much more.

The subscription here in the Middle East for the Creative Cloud is a bit hefty. It is priced at AED 74 per month for one application. I have taken a ‘student/teacher’ promo for my daughter by submitting documentation (either school ID, or school email that is assigned to my daughter which Adobe can verify or any letterhead of the school where my daughter studies addressed to her) to provide proof of her being a student. The usual fee for regular subscription to Creative Cloud with access to all of their app is AED 185 per month for an annual contract versus AED 74 for students/teachers. And for a single app for individuals is AED 74.

I am not really sure if I will go for it or just let my daughter master AI, PS and other Adobe app she wishes to use. I feel in my heart though that I should. I’m just thinking about the payment I have to do every month for both our subscription. Is it worth it?

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