Well, vacation always come short. It is even shorter when you’re having fun with you family. Anyway, one has to face reality because if one does not, then there is no money to use for the next vacation. Makes sense.

Hubby and I took advantage of the long weekend to spend the Eid Holidays back home. It’s a hush-hush trip because I didn’t want my mom to know I was coming home briefly. Many “drama” happens when she knows I am coming so it was best to keep it under wraps. So, seeing my mum even for a while was exciting. I wasn’t able to see her when she was rushed to the ICU last month. I wasn’t even there to care for her while she recovered. The brief moment I was back home was enough to show my mum I love her.

Mum was in her usual spirit, bubbly and chatty. I just love to see her like that. However, she tends to have memory lapses because the day before we flew back to Dubai, I visited her again and as if she didn’t know I was in Manila even if she had seen me few days ago. I’m baffled but I guess it’s the medication she’s taking. It’s making her woozy. I hope she gets better soon. We have more travels to do…

It was hard leaving my daughter again (and my mum). I look at her with a sense of pride and amazement on how mature she has been while she is away from us. I don’t know how I do this to myself and each time I leave, I feel a deep pain in my heart. I wish my reality is the reality I have envisioned many years ago where my daughter would be here with us in Dubai. Unfortunately, circumstances and finances aren’t on our side. So, our reality has to bite… So much for short vacations and melodramas.

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