The Procrastinator – that should be my new monicker. I am in my all-time high in procrastination. My daughter and mum-in-law were in Dubai for several months. I just had to put aside other stuff I usually do before they arrived for the summer break. And now that they are back in Manila for a good whole week, I am still sloughing off on tasks around the house to complete.

My laundry is piling like Mt. Everest already. I am not proud of that but I don’t have the energy (and the resolve) to even fold and put them in the closet. I just want to watch TV, sketch, practice on my drawing and hand-lettering, and just read some books I have bought before but never bothered to read.


I am catching up on the stuff I had skipped because I got busy with something else, and I got sick again. Now, I am pre-occupied with other things that will prepare me for the next chapter of my life – the retirement. Yes, I know. Do not judge. I may still be in my early 40s but that doesn’t mean I have to sit on my laurels. I have to make hay while the sun shines, even if it means I have to procrastinate on other things at home.

Well, it may take a while for me to clear the laundry and other things to clean at home. I am just not that motivated to fold the clean clothes, and actually press them. For now, I will enjoy the full glory of procrastination. So, you can call me The Procrastinator for the time being.

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