My family and those who are very close to me call me “small but terrible.” I am terrible not because I fight with everyone nor have a displeasing personality. While others who do not not know me from Adam will dispute those claims, I say, I am terrible in a positive way.

I have always been sickly and my stamina is just not at par with others who can run like a leopard or carry heavy stuff like a Hulk. I am like this fragile little flower. You hold me too tight and I crumble and you let me loose and I’ll fly away.  I am not always a cow girl much as I want myself to be. But, what I lack in physical prowess, I compensate with an indomitable spirit.

My life is not a bed of roses. It used to be… Life’s tough for me. With my frail health and family issues back home to deal with, sometimes, I just feel like raising my arms and really giving up. However, one thing I can assure my family and close friends is that, I am a fighter. I never quit.

Sometimes, even the strongest needs help. I just feel that much as I fight back to be strong and beat the odds, I also need caring hands to lift me up when I am down. I can’t always be there to help every one who needs me. I can’t always have money to give. I can’t always be available when they call. But know for a fact that, when I am not there to help or be available, I am always there praying for everyone’s well-being. I just hope that people will also help themselves and not always rely on my strength and capacity. Sometimes, I am not capable. I am just making things happen.

It’s tough being a fighter. Everyone relies on you for everything. I think, that’s the very reason why God compensated my lack in physical strength. HE gave me so much more so that I am able to carry not just my cross but others’ as well.

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