People see me as plain Jane. I barely use make-up and when I do, it is when there are parties and special events to attend to. I just come and go with my natural look – bare face and a nice tinted lip gloss.

Today is a surprising day for my colleagues. I wore a RED lipstick not for show but just to use the one I have that came along with the whole make-up palette. I didn’t notice it there because I was just focused on the eyeshadows. And since I like Taylor Swift’s red lipstick a lot, I decided to channel her and wore a red lipstick and topped with a nice clear gloss. Viola!



The people around me were in shock! I wasn’t. I was surprised that they didn’t seem to like the redness of my lips. Rouges are created not just for the glamorous people out there. Any plain Jane like myself can also wear one when I want too. They’re not used to seeing me in red lipstick. I thought it complemented my pale complexion as it brought colour to my face. My friend said (and she meant well) that she couldn’t take me seriously as if I was having mid-life crisis. Hmmm, am I? LOL! Nope! I just want to be pretty today and in the coming days, I will be wearing red lipstick again.

I am not conscious at all. A lot of girls can pull it off and why am I not any better? Wearing any shade of lipstick is not a definition of a woman’s personality, IMHO.  I can wear any shades that I like. I can be Taylor Swift for a day and tomorrow a total Elvira. But the colour of my lipstick will not define me as a middle age woman who is trying too hard to be glam. I am just a woman, wearing her red lipstick JUST LIKE THAT…

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