Ever since I got back from my recent Amsterdam trip, all I have been thinking about is going back. This is my addiction. I can’t seem to stop planning when it comes to travelling. I just have that ember inside that keeps burning, like an itch you have to scratch.



 (at Schiphol Airport, Netherlands)

I felt my vacation wasn’t enough. I have many places that I haven’t covered yet and don’t get me started with Keukenhof. I can’t fully tick my bucket list unless I see the whole place. I can go back, why not but it’s not fun to go alone. I can wait for my daughter but we may not get her visa on time before the Keukenhof closes this 17th of May. Otherwise, I’ll have to wait again until next year.

I have been mulling about going on a very short weekend trip back to Amsterdam and fly back on Saturday evening. I know, it’s not practical but the travel bug has bitten me bad and I just have to scratch it. I have another option which my husband suggested. I skip Keukenhof for the meantime and just visit our relatives in Milan, Italy so we can travel to Venice and drive to Switzerland which is just on the northern part of Italy, approximately 3 hours drive from where my husband’s cousin stay.

I think I like that suggestion. I’ll get to save on airfare, not worry on accommodation, enjoy the company of family and experience the scenic drive from Lombardy to Zermatt or Matterhorn in Switzerland. Not bad!

The itch is still there until I actually scratch it by travelling. I just want to fully maximise the visa because next year is all about my daughter’s debut.

I have to cure this travel bug itch with an antidote – and the only cure I know is to travel.

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