Hello there! I’m back and still sleepy with a mild headache. I had to wake up early and report for work because I couldn’t afford another leave. I don’t have any left. 🙂

Anyway, the vacation was great except for the rains and biting cold. I had fun. I enjoyed the long walks even I got so poofed because I was carrying my extra weight. I took tons of photos even if I didn’t know how to focus and shoot. My goal was to capture whatever I could in the time I had in Amsterdam. Whether they were good photos or not, for me, they’re memories worth viewing and keeping.

I am still very sleepy. I will post my travelogues over the weekend when I am already back in my senses. It’s also Holy Week and I would like to refrain from going online as much as I can.

So, until then. I’ll go back to sleep now. I need my beauty sleep. 🙂

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