jacketed reactor is the high-quality type of chemical reactors and the most specific design of this reactor is the jacket set on the inner wall of the reaction vessel. In nowadays, reactors are the indispensable equipment which can be used to realize the chemical reaction process.

This kind of reactor has a wide use in many different industrial fields such as chemical engineering, oil refining and light industry. Users can use this kind of reactor to realize both the liquid single phase reaction process and multiple phase reaction process. The jacket is set on the wall of reaction vessel which can be added with circulatory mediums. The circulatory medium will heat the reaction material by the circulation movement. Double layer reactor has one more layer than single layer reactor and it can be added with two kinds of circulatory medium at the same time. The circulation of two circulatory mediums can obviously speed up the heating process thus to improve the reaction efficiency. And there is a stirring apparatus set in the reaction kettle and it can provide stable stirring process during the reaction.

Actually generalized reactor is not the product of modern chemical engineering but can be traced to the ancient time. In ancient China, the furnace of pottery can be regarded as the most original reactor and it has a long using time in China. The reactor with narrow definition means the chemical equipment in modern chemical engineering and laboratory. And there are lots of different types of the reactor and users should make an overall consideration on technology, economy and security aspects before selecting the reactors.

In addition to the type of the reactors, users should also make a consideration of the operating mode and charging method. Reactors plays quite important role in the chemical industry and manufacturers are continuously making effort to improve the design, structure and functions of the reactors.

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