I think I am the one very excited over all these planning thing about my daughter’s debut next year. I have gone from one venue to the other and I (think) have found the perfect one which my husband seem to like as well.

Initially, we all had our eyes set on Fernwood Gardens or Gazebo Royale. When we came down to the discussion of budget, we suddenly took an “about-face” and decided to drop the whole Fernwood Gardens thing because it is super expensive. If we compute all our expenses, it is like paying for my daughter’s 1 year tuition in La Salle. Don’t you think that’s too expensive? It’s not even a grand debut?!?

So, I had to muster the guts to tell my daughter and level with her about the budget issues and being practical at the same time while still maintaining her theme for the party, the garden style and other special things to do on her debut. We agreed to stick to a particular budget without compromising the quality of her debut party.

For now, I have just dropped the quotations for other venues with garden theme and decided to hang on Patio Victoria in Intramuros, Manila. Patio Victoria has a very reasonably priced package for a complete debut party without us having to burn holes in our pockets. They are even flexible and would allow me to have a Candy Buffet without any corkage fee! And that is a savings on our part already.

My daughter and her aunt will visit the place next week. I have already asked for photos from the event coordinator who will handle our daughter’s debut when we finalize and sign the contract. There are still plenty of loose ends to settle with like we might remove other stuff and replace some meal selections in the menu list. For now, we’re just keen on having a venue because it’s the most important thing right now. The rest will follow.

Well, I hope we’ll agree on this one and my daughter will like it too. It’s not as fancy as Fernwood Gardens but it has that Victorian feel to it that will go well with my daughter’s Alice in Wonderland theme with Victorian touches. Wow! I wish I was the debutant!

Below is a picture I got from Patio Victoria. It’s their entrance to the Sofia Garden. Photo credit: Patio Victoria/EM Photography.



sofia gate



sofia garden-(EM)

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